Follow up blog post from last week

From the same Alzheimer’s buddy —

“I’ve never seen such a smile before. Basya will always be the best host – even though she’s not the same after her stroke a few weeks ago, she will always be the same Basya I met two years ago. As I played my heart out today, she seemed to be sleeping with her eyes open, but there were 10 seconds when her eyes lit up, and miraculously, she was back. I could see the sparkle and recognition in her eyes, and she smiled. At other times, I’d ask something like, “did you like the Chopin?” and she might give the slightest nod.

When I was getting ready to leave today, Basya was in her “sleep” state, but I said something, and she gave this unforgettable smile. It wasn’t huge or happy; it was one of those smiles that people could call “fake,” “not coming from the eyes.” But to me, seeing Basya make this smile with her mouth closed and her eyes still glazed and half-open, it was clear that she was trying to thank and reassure her friend. It was a nonverbal version of her favorite line to end our visits with before her stroke: “I wish you the best.””


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